Editorial Contribution


1. Editor in Chief Seminars in Dialysis from 2020.

2. Editor in Chief Indian Journal of Nephrology from 2016

3. Associate Editor for Journal of Lab Physician, from 2020

4. Consulting Editor, Indian J Transplantation from 2017


1. Editorial board member of Medical Journal Armed Forces India.

2. Editorial board member of SM Journal of Hepatitis Research and Treatment.

3. Editorial board member of Archives of Clinical Nephrology.

4. Editorial board member of Nephrology and Renal Therapy.

5. Associate Editor of World Journal of Nephrology.

6. Editorial board member of Journal of Nephrology Research.

7. Permanent Member of the Global Advisory Board of the GLOBAL ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES since 2015.

8. Advisor of International Journal of Pediatric Nephrology Urology.

9. Editorial board member of Clinical Queries: Nephrology and section editor for CKD.

10. Member of Scientific Advisory Board for Mediworld Innovative Healthcare Solutions.

11. Member of Asian Council of Science Editors (ACSE).


12. Editorial board member of J Krishna Institute

of Med Sci University.

13. Editorial board member of World Journal of Transplantation.

14. Associate Editor of Indian Journal of Transplantation.

15. Editorial board member  of Nephron Clinical Practice.

16. Editorial board member of Bulletin of the Nephrology Urology &Transplant Society of SAARC countries.

17. Editorial board member of Journal of Delhi Medical Association.

18. Associate editor of Indian Journal of Nephrology.

19. Editorial board member of Nephro Navigator.

20. Editorial board member of Open Journal of Nephrology.

21. Advisory board member of Biannual periodical from the Nephrology unit of Cairo University titled Kasr Alainy Nephrology Update


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Dr. S. K. Agarwal

Chairman, Nephrology & Kidney Transplant Medicine, Marengo Asia Hospital, Gurugram and Faridabad.

Former HOD Nephrology, AIIMS, New Delhi (2009-2023)

Email : skagarwalnephro@gmail.com


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